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In this tab, you can listen to the following music
that I have been able to achieve for projects or
for my personal enjoyment.

You will find only a few extracts from a selection of
music that I have been able to produce. 
You can find other musics in the other projects of the different tabs of my site.


Ashes of Numrhak

I was able to produce the music for Ashes of Numrhak project, which is our M2 project at Cnam ENJMIN. (see Video games and interactive media tab)

It's a third person cooperative action-adventure game for 2 players. They will have to cooperate by playing the same body at the same time, without split screen or shared controller.

This Soundtrack consists of :

- Soul of Ashes
- Numrhak
- The Fifth's Call


Link to the Soundtrack

Ashes of Numrhak - Soundtrack

Soundtrack Remixes


I was able to realize 2 remixes on the official Soundtrack of the game Hacktag of Piece of Cake Studios

These remixes are for 2 corporations present in the game:
- C.L.A.W Media Group
- Lexyk

Website Piece of cake

Piece of Cake Studios

Link to the C.L.A.W Media Group Remix

Réalisation of the remix

Hacktag Remix - C.L.A.W Media Group

Réalisation of the remix

Hacktag Remix - C.L.A.W Media Group

Link to the Game and the Soundtrack

Composer : Pierre Jean Beaudoin

Réalisation of the remixes

Hacktag Game & Soundtrack


Our Walls' Story

Link to the Soundtrack

Réalisation de la musique de Our Walls' Story

Our Walls' Story - Soundtrack


I was able to create the music for the interactive project Our Walls' Story (see video games and interactivity tab).

This soundtrack is composed of :

- "A Million Times And Even More" Introduction Theme
- The theme of the dispute
- "A Million Times And Just One More" Ending Theme

Concept Album


I was able to realize the Sound Design and the music on the interactive project Aporia (see video games and interactivity tab).
I then created a concept album on some sound elements of the game.

This concept album is composed of :

- G
- APORIE Bai Guang


Toy Bohu

I was able to make the music for the video game Toy Bohu.
I then made linear versions of the OST type to listen to independently.

There is the music of the menu, the music of the tutorial and the music of the fight.



 (short film)


For a training session during my Sound Design formation, we had to take a video with existing sound recordings from a short film and redo the sound post production, the Sound Design and the music.

So I composed music for a part of the video.
It's a rather soft waltz that starts with something very reassuring and at the end becomes questioning and makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

Link to the Music

Music of Spheres (short film)

Interactive music - Remake

Red Dead Redemption 2

For an interactive music exercise, I wanted to create different types of music based on a gameplay video from Red dead Redemption 2.
I was inspired by Ennio Morricone.
Each music will then be adapted to a situation lived by the player.

There is then :

- The basic exploration music
- The music of discovery during exploration
- The music of sadness, melancholy
- Combat music

Link to the Tracks


Adam Contest

Base on picture : "The Opening" (by Tobias Zielony)


In a competition organised by the Adam brand to win a pair of monitoring loudspeakers, it was necessary to compose a short soundtrack of maximum 30 seconds based on the image "The Opening" (by Tobias Zielony, 2005).

Audiovisual Project

Hip hop Tracks

During an intership, I was asked to create 3 hip hop musics with 3 references that I had to follow and which would later be used for an audiovisual project.

Link to the Tracks

Hip hop track 1

Hip hop track 2

Hip hop track 3


Radio STM


During the project for Studio M Radio where I was able to make a jingle, there was also a request for a sound cover on which they could talk.

It was wanted to be young, dynamic music that can be very
close to a radio style.

Link to the Music

Réalisation d'une nappe sonore pour la radio STM

Sound Cover - Radio STM

Sound Creation

The Past always present


For the application for a master's degree, I had to make a sound creation on the theme "The past always present". It was a very interesting subject where I was able to mix different historical events with sounds of people growing up during the composition.
I then wanted to give a radio effect to have this feeling of vintage and progress in time.


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