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Short Films

In this tab, you will be able to see the short films
where I was able to realize the Sound Design and music
whether for existing videos or
for unique projects



There were no precise instructions concerning this project but I really wanted to emphasize the image with the music.
I wanted to make an evolving music that would deliver the message of the video.

This video starts slowly and accelerates as it goes along: it represents the memories of two characters.
It was then important to have a music that gives this notion of nostalgia and this emotion of memories.
So I started with music in 3 beats that gives an impression of swing, time passing and nostalgia. The main harmonies will also address this point with a lot of 7th major and minor chords and with organic and rather soft instruments (piano / rhodes / strings etc..).
As far as recordings are concerned, I was able to record foleys in the studio as well as a person dubbing the pink beast.
This project was done on Ableton for the music and Pro Tools for the sound design and audio editing.

"48h plus tard" festival


48h challenge

In the context of the Lyon Intergalactic Science Fiction Festival, AOA Prod & Les Marathons du court-métrage organise "Les 48h plus tard" which is a competition where a film must be made in 48 hours, lasting 5 minutes maximum with constraints given by the organiser (theme, object, music, ...). Within this framework, we were able to make a short film on artificial intelligence with the association 3K Image. I was then able to entirely take care of the sound and music part of this short film (sound recording / editing / Sound Design / mixing etc...).



For a training session during my Sound Design formation, we had to take a video with existing sound recordings from a short film and redo the sound post-production, the voices, the Sound Design and the music.



During the Sound Design formation, we had an exercise based on an existing video from Parallel Studio.

I was then able to redo the music and Sound Design part of the video. I essentially wanted to work on the music and decided to create a dynamic and stressful music that would amplify the images of "unsatisfying" things. This music consists mainly of a string quartet.

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