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In this section, you will be able to see the trailers on which
I was able to realize the Sound Design and the musical composition.




Video editing : Guillaume ALVES
Sound Design: Marion PERRET

This is the teaser for one of the games I worked on during our 1st year Master's projects at the Cnam ENJMIN : Aporia. It is a contemplative and narrative experience in the first person.

In a society that doesn't know art, you are sent to explore the inside of a painting, a living entity that seems to hide many secrets.

Realized in less than three months by a team of students, Aporia tries to deliver an original experience based on a cryptic world in a strange and unknown atmosphere.

I was then able to realize the whole sound part of the project.

"Aporia is a kind of enigma, but considered from a logical rather than a magical or spiritual point of view. It is a problem that one gives up solving, at least temporarily, or a mystery that one refuses to worship."
(André Comte-Sponville, Dictionnaire philosophique, Presses universitaires de France, 2001)


our walls' story

This is the trailer of one of the games I worked on during our 1st year Master's projects at the Cnam ENJMIN : Our Walls' Story. I was able to make the music.

This short interactive film is played on mobile phones and tells the story of a couple of young women, through the evolution of the walls of their house.

An emotional roller coaster awaits them with its share of surprises and changes.

Video editing : Remi MOREAUX
Music: Marion PERRET
Sound Design: Thomas IMBERT

Remake - Trailer

Shadow of war

french version

Video editing : Joshua MACDONALDS
Voice actors : Victoria GRANGER / Alexandre Clarence GREER / Aymé LARAT / Olivier FRADIN
Translation 1st version: Asheeta GOREBA
Crossbowman: Thomas BROQUIE
Medieval reconstruction: Fabien MARLHIOUD / Remy MARLHIOUD
Sound Design / Music / Organisation: Marion PERRET

This project was the final project I submitted for my Sound Design degree. I was able to realize the whole sound part: foleys, voice recordings, sound design and music.

At first, I had to make a new editing of the trailer as it was an interactive trailer.
Then we had to translate the VO version and create new dialogues that stick to the lipsynch.

In this project, I was able to record different foleys and thus record a crossbow with the help of a crossbow champion, sounds of weapons and armour with the help of a person doing medieval reconstructions.
I was also able to record actors in the studio for dubbing.

As far as the sound universe is concerned, I went on a blockbuster trailer with sound density and a lot of fx, dynamics and war music with orchestral instruments such as
brass and percussion.
This project was realised with Ableton for the music, Pro Tools for the Sound Design and audio post production and Capella for the dubbing.

Remake - Trailer

Fantastic Beasts:
The Crimes Of Grindelwald

4H challenge project  : french version

The principle of the project was to make this trailer during a 4-hour exam.
I did not record the voices, they were recorded beforehand by 2 of our teachers. Acting is therefore unprofessional.
There were no special instructions except that it had to be done in 4 hours. It was very interesting in terms of organisation and methodology.
I took the example of some very Hollywood trailers, blockbuster.
So it was important to work on the dynamics, the atmospheres, the FX and to find the right music.
This project was realised with Pro Tools.
The screens of the informations relating to the project are in French.


The first thing was to edit, process and standardise the votes so that the other elements around the votes could be managed later.


The first voice processing was simple and was reduced to a compressor, de-esser and parametric subtractive EQ. The voice-over was pitched down to give a bit of substance to the voice.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.